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Monday, 31 August 2009

Day Without My Laptop..

Today has been bad, to say the least..

Let's start from the beginning, as that's a good place to start..

I decided to do a day without my laptop..
Just as Colin at 'I'm Bloginit!' suggested..
[You can see the post here..]

Now my day went a bit like this:

I woke up around early morning..
[Earlier than this picture states..]
I'd like to point out the way I was woken up added to the negativity of this day..
I was woken up by my phone [which was right beside my head] vibrating and blasting the beginning of 'Hello Hello' by Paramore..
Just listen to the opening 5 seconds..

Normally this wouldn't bother me.. But at 9 whatever on a Sunday morning.. It's a shocker, I can tell you that..
And it wasn't even an alarm or phone call.. It was a text from T-Mobile, saying I had no credit left..

After that displeasing awakening, I found out that the plans [that I had cancelled plans with other people for] were cancelled themselves..

Annoyed..? Yes.. I was very much annoyed.. But trying to make the best of a bad situation I decided to call around to see what others were doing..

So I called ..

Then I waited..

Watched T.V..

Pretended to do some work..

Waited some more..

Read a book.. [haha]

And waited some more..

*Excuse the pictures.. Not my best I'll admit..*

These were all failed attempts at trying to occupy my mind..

Wanna play a game..?

It's called 'Spot the Laptop'..
Go on then.. Find it..

It's black and rectangular..
. . .
Found it yet..

Under the bed..?

Yep! That's where I had to put it, so I wouldn't be tempted..

Throughout the day I noticed that I wasn't really thinking about it..
Whether that was because I couldn't see it or for another reason I don't know..

As they say 'Out of sight, out of mind', right..?

What I did notice is that I thought more..
Like not random thoughts, but deep and meaningful thoughts..
I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, because of the way I'm feeling now.. [Shown in this blog..]
But I did more thinking.. And I feel like I've not got more understanding of certain things..

Anyways, I had planned to go out today to Notting Hill Carnival.. [A massive carnival that happens every year in London..]
If I had done this today, then there would have been no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have delved deep into my brain and produced something meaningful..
I would have been quite content looking at the bright costumes..
Listening to the loud floats..
And eating the ethnic foods..
Being somewhat shallow..

Now I'm not saying that I'm enlightened.. Or that I've had an epiphany..
But I just feel like this break from my laptop..
[Something that would usually keep me from having the time to just think..]
Made me realise things, that I may not have otherwise realised..
Yeah, they may have been hurtful or confusing..
But, I guess, it's good to get stuff out.. Right..?

I'd advise anyone to try this.. Especially if they're as 'addicted' to their computer/laptop as I am..
[If you do try it.. Tell me how/what you done..]

Final Thought:
It wasn't hard to forget my laptop.. It was harder to escape my thoughts..





  1. That is an interesting post on this topic. I think that I will accept his challenge soon...

    Hope you can read and comment on this cool post that I have made:


  2. congratulations! you just won the Colin non-computer day Challenge! haha. I haven't tried staying away from my computer by will since I had it. And I spend six to seven hours on it each day if there's nothing else to do. I'll really try. soon. cheers!


    love youuu xxx

    i need more followers like you man :( xx

  4. Great post! I just got back from not being off my laptop, just about to start writing my post!

    Good job, keep blogging :)

  5. dannyd : If you do, be sure to blog it and then tell me.. Can't wait to see others..

    Carl Paolo : YAY ME! haha.. Once again if you do do it.. Be sure to blog and tell me about it..

    AnnaLucinda : You should try it someday.. Then blog etc etc..

    Colin : Can't wait to see how you did..